Thistle Farms - Only the Best Genetics

Border Collies, Boer Goats & Katahdin Sheep

Our Border Collies, Boer Goats & Katahdin Sheep are owned and raised by Lillian Yontz - a cattle farmer with decades of experience and success in breeding beautiful animals.

"This is a dog with unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive..."

The BORDER COLLIE dog breed was developed to gather and control sheep in the hilly border country between Scotland and England. This is a dog with unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive, all of which makes them a premier herding dog.

Thistle Farms imports some of the best Border Collie genetics in the world. Our foundation bitch is GABBY. She is a daughter of the legendary international champion Moss. She whelped our last litter at the farm sired by the international champion, DERWEN DOUGH. Pups have been dispersed throughout the US and Canada. We kept a female (Beth) and expect great things from this female.

Boer Goats & Katahdin Sheep

At Thistle, we raise BOER Goats and KATAHDIN Sheep to work the collies. We also sell high-quality lambs and kids for market. All meat from our farm in natural. We do not use growth hormones or antibiotics.

Thistle’s Best

Boer Goats

The development of the BOER goat in the early 1900s can be traced to the Dutch farmers of South Africa. Boer is a Dutch word meaning farmer. Meat production sets the selection criteria for this unique breed of goat. The Boer goat has a rapid growth rate, excellent carcass qualities, is docile and highly adapted to different environments.

Superior Crop Production

Katahdin Sheep

KATAHDIN are hardy, adaptable, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lamb crops and lean, meaty carcasses.

They do not produce a fleece and, therefore, do not require shearing. They are medium-sized and efficient, bred for utility and production in a variety of management systems. The Katahdin is an American breed originally from Maine.