Thistle Farms - Only the Best Genetics

Cattle at Thistle Farm

Our cattle are chosen for tenderness and intramuscular fat. The ever-evolving market demands a consistently higher quality beef. Thistle Farms has been successfully raising this type of beef for decades.

Ultra high-quality genetics for a market that keeps evolving.

Quality in. Quality out.

Our calves are treated with the utmost care. We believe in treating our cattle with respect and reciprocity. High-quality inputs lead to high-quality harvest. Our cattle are:

  • Not confined to a feedlot
  • Not exposed to hormones
  • Not exposed to unnecessary antibiotics
  • Chosen for carcass quality

See What Thistle Farms has to Offer

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Discover the philosophy and story of Thistle’s proprietor – Lillian Yontz.

Lilian Yontz’s life has been dedicated to breeding and raising the finest cattle in North America, the EU and Colombia, South America. She has managed to successfully navigate the competitive environment and prosper by maintaining extremely high genetic standards.