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For many years, and with great success, Thistle Farms showcased their genetics at the most significant agricultural events throughout the world. Some of these exhibitions took place in Louisville, Fort Worth, Colorado, Ohio State Expo, and Argo-Expo in Colombia, South America.

Out-Cross genetics are important because genes need to be diverse. Genes within a heard will naturally get weaker. That's why I went to the UK.

Lillian YontzThistle Farms Proprietor

Federation of Coffee Growers Trials

In the early 2000s, Thistle Farms and the Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers experimented to determine the viability of Angus genetics in the tropics. Live bulls from Thistle Farms flew by cargo to Colombia for the study. Researchers carefully measured input of feed and growth of the animals at set intervals.

This trial proved that crossing American Black Angus with the regions’ beef breeds supplied a faster-growing animal with higher carcass quality than previously raised animals. Also, the American Angus cross adapted well to the tropical environment. This research provided Colombian coffee growers and other cattlemen in the tropics with research and a means of entering the modern cattle raising era.

  • Average between 1100-1300 lbs
  • Calving Ease
  • Moderate Growth
  • Moderate Frame & Wieght
  • Excellent Fleshing Ability
  • Adequate Milk
  • Sound, Proper Structure
  • Adequate Rib Eye
  • Superior Carcass Quality

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Native Aberdeen Angus Research

In the mid-1990s, Lillian traveled to England, Scotland and Wales. With the help of Rob Wills from UK Genetics and The Rare Breed Trust, she became aware of Native Black Angus genetics. At that time, and still today, American Black Angus suffer from a dwindling gene pool and deadly genetic traits that are wreaking havoc within the breed.

After many years of careful genetic selection and carcass data evaluation

among the few remaining Native Black Angus cattle, Lillian proved that these animals provide a viable and vital role in bringing back the traits of economic importance that Black Angus are known for. Those characteristics include a high-quality carcass, easy fleshing ability, and strong maternal attributes. Today, Thistle Farms is one of the last and biggest herds of Native Black Angus cattle in the world.