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Native Aberdeen Angus Carcass Data

Although there is limited carcass data (kill data) on this herd, the following is carcass data on five individual steers from this past year.

A Harvest of 5 Steers from Thistle Farms


Average Kill Weight at Time of Harvest


Months of Age at Harvest


Dressing Percentage

“These steers were harvested with an average kill weight of 1090 lbs. At fourteen months of age, with a 65-dressing percentage. They had about six-tenths of an inch of back fat with eleven and one-half inches of ribeye. These steers were creep fed for three months, weaned at seven months,
grazed on fescue, fed 5 lbs. of grain per day, and fed a ration of 68% TDN-Total Digestible Nutrients for 75 days.

The impressive thing here is the Certified Angus Beef grade on all five steers having been fed only 75 days on a finishing ration of only 68% TDN. One steer had a quality grade of low prime, one top choice, and three graded mid-choice. Almost all of the commercial feed yards feeding
periods are much longer, and the ration would at least 10% higher in TDN. Typically, cattle with this kind of harvest data have a kill weight of 1350 to 1550 lbs.

Granted, the Thistle cattle are smaller at finished weight. But it may be possible to harvest these cattle at a younger age and less weight and have another bunch well started before those who need to weigh 1400-1500 lbs. to be harvest-ready are finished. We need to produce the largest
amount of quality beef in the shortest period of time on the smallest area possible, and these cattle do just that.”

All five steers qualified for the Certified Angus Beef Brand. That is outstanding!”

Richard McClung
Partner, Wehrmann Angus

Richard McClung on Thistle