Thistle Farms - Only the Best Genetics

Veterinary Care, Nutrition & Environment

We know the history of our cows, so if any issues do arise, specific diagnosis and proper treatment are met with close observation, laboratory testing and professional assistance.

Our morality and economic interest aligned.

At Thistle Farms, no cost is spared in providing all sentient beings with the utmost in animal husbandry. This includes a robust veterinary maintenance program, the best foodstuffs available, and a quiet and calm environment. Studies show that well cared for cattle are healthier and more productive than conventionally cared for animals.

But for us, the best treatment is not only a moral imperative; it makes economic sense. Many visitors are astonished by our herds’ calm temperament and disposition.

See Our Veterinary Care in Action

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Discover the philosophy and story of Thistle’s proprietor – Lillian Yontz.

Lilian Yontz’s life has been dedicated to breeding and raising the finest cattle in North America, the EU and Colombia, South America. She has managed to successfully navigate the competitive environment and prosper by maintaining extremely high genetic standards.